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Welcome to Wake Forest Middle School
Welcome to Wake Forest Middle School's website. We thank you for visiting! We are proud to showcase who we are and what we do.  Wake Forest Middle School (WFMS) is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina serving students in grades 6-8.  Our colors are Red, White, and Blue and our mascot is the Cougar! We are always striving for improvement so please send us your suggestions.  A special thank you to our PTSA for funding our website and to Ron Shaw for developing our site.  We appreciate the efforts of Lori Munroe and Heather Fields who keep it up-to-date.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (919) 554-8440.
8th Grade End of Year Events
Thursday, June 4th 12:30-2:15  8th grade student pizza party.  If parents would like to volunteer or donate to the event please contact the PTA
Friday, June 5th 8th grade awards Ceremony (Gym) and Semi- formal Dance (Cafeteria)
Railhawks Team 8:30-9:15
Eagles: 9:30-10:15  
Ravens: 10:30-11:15
8th grade semi-formal dance  6:00-8:30 pm in the cafeteria

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Spring Theatre Showcase
Spring Theatre Showcase is next Tuesday, June 2nd
7th grade-5:00
6th grade-6:00
8th grade-7:00
                       *Tickets are $5 adults/$4 students 
Come see what the fun is all about, along with performances by the WFMS dance club & talented singers!

by posted 05/26/2015
Hoops for Hearts

WFMS is holding our annual Hoops for Hearts fundraiser for the American Heart Association!  


Please encourage your child to participate.  


Go online to and click on the "Student Sign-up" button. 


Join our school's team and set up your own web page to email family and friends.


Your first on-line donation will earn you a NINJA duck.  A $5 donation at school will earn you a SPLATTER duck and lanyard.


The tournament starts Monday, but donations will be accepted through the end of the school year.



by posted 05/15/2015
WFHS Rising 9th Grade Cougar Camp
Registration is getting ready to open up for this summer's Cougar Camp.  Last summer, WFHS had about 300 students attend this valuable transition activity.  
Cougar Camp will take place on July 30 and August 5.  Fall athletes should plan to attend the July 30th event.  
Registration information will be on our website on May 18. 

by posted 04/27/2015
Credit for Demonstrated Mastery (CDM)



If you are interested in learning more about CDM -- Credit by Demonstrated Mastery, the district has created a website for you to explore.  More information can be found in a folder marked Credit by Demonstrated Mastery in our Documents section to the left of the screen.  

The link is as follows:

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery

by posted 08/29/2014
Athetic Schedules

Athletic Schedules for the 2014-2015 school year are now available under our Documents section (located on the left side of the screen).  Please note these are subject to change.  


Football website:  WFMS Football

by posted 08/26/2014
Transportation information for students with alternative stops

Families can apply online for alternate bus stops


Families can now apply using a new online form, if they need an alternate school bus stop for before- or after-school care.


The online form is at


Students eligible for bus service have been assigned a stop this school year based on their home address of record. Once these routes are established, Transportation will evaluate alternate stop requests for before or after school care to determine if the requested stop fits on an existing bus route and if space is available on the bus to accommodate the student. WCPSS does not add bus stops during the first 30 days of school.


Students who were approved as voluntary transfers for 2013-14 and received transportation for the year may apply on this new online form to seek bus service for 2014-15. This request for service for an ineligible student will be reviewed to determine if it falls on the existing route of a bus with available space and does not significantly affect other students’ ride time. These types of requests will not be processed during the first 30 days of school as bus service for eligible students is still being established.


Improving bus service

This school year for the first time, WCPSS Transportation has a team of routing specialists who will work to provide eligible riders safe and timely bus service.


They will base routes on families who used bus service last year or families who signed up to ride the bus for 2014-15. In the past, transportation plans assumed all students would ride the bus. Of the 153,000 students last year, 76,000 were bus riders.


Beginning the planning process with accurate ridership will help Transportation planners provide improved bus routing. This should provide families better bus service from the start of the school year. Routes for known riders will be set for the first day of school. Bus drivers will practice set routes to be ready for the first day of school. With improved routing, buses will travel less distance saving money on fuel and maintenance.


Special needs students
Families of children who are homeless, have Individual Education Plans (IEPs), or have plans under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504) may need to request special transportation, as they move into the community or change address. These families will need to enroll their child in the new school or notify their current school of the address change and inform school staff of their child’s IEP, 504 plan or homeless status. Students will be assigned to transportation.


After the first 30 days of school, bus drivers will monitor ridership. Transportation will drop the bus stop for students who do not use the bus for 10 consecutive school days. Families only need to apply for students to receive service again.


The goal of this practice is to improve the service for those that consistently ride the bus.

posted 07/02/2014
Students....earn prizes for good grades!

All Students: You can earn a change to win a $25 gift card, courtesy of Wake Electric's "Give us an A" program. All you need to be considered is completing an application and earning one A on your report card!  Go to for more information!

by posted 04/11/2014
Mission Statement

The Mission of Wake Forest-Rolesville Middle School is to unite students, teachers, staff, parents, and the community to support students in accomplishing their educational and developmental goals in becoming successful and independent citizens

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